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North Carolina billboard causes headache for Springfield business – KY3

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A billboard for a gun shop in North Carolina is causing confusion and controversy. The billboard shows four Democratic congresswomen, and refers to them as the four horsemen while advertising a business called Cherokee Guns. That billboard is in North Carolina, but Cherokee Firearms in Springfield has been fielding dozens of calls… Read More »

What causes a low libido?

Low libido, or reduced sexual desire, can affect both men and women. It is not unusual for a person’s interest in sex to fluctuate over different periods of their life due to hormonal changes, age, and stress. However, low libido can be a problem if it causes stress, affects a person’s overall well-being, or leads… Read More »

What causes cramps after sex?

Both men and women can experience cramps after sex. The medical term for pain before, during, or after sex is dyspareunia. Cramps may occur after sex for many reasons, ranging from mild muscle strain to underlying conditions that may require treatment. Read on for more information about the potential causes of cramping or pain after… Read More »