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My Very Brief Career as the World’s Worst Detective

“This is not an easy place to get hired,” said a fellow analyst at the company, an elite, private-sector global intelligence organization. The vetting process was rigorous: an extensive background check, drug testing, fingerprinting, half a dozen interviews and months of waiting. The company recruited highly decorated F.B.I. agents, state and federal prosecutors, and the… Read More »

PIC: World’s Strongest Man champion shows off new look after 5-stone weight loss

Eddie Hall has revealed incredible before and after pictures since shedding five-stone in a dramatic weight loss transformation. The Beast, crowned the winner of the World’s Strongest Man in 2017, went on a strict diet after claiming the title, saying he “wanted to live a healthier life”. Eddie tipped the scales at 30.9stone (433lbs) after… Read More »