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The idea was to climb the hill from a point from where the enemy could never had imagined. Yadav volunteered to lead the assault. He climbed the cliff face and installed ropes that would help his fellow soldiers to launch further assaults on the feature.

Halfway up, an enemy bunker opened up machine gun and rocket fire which killed the platoon commander and two big tits velba. In spite of having been hit by multiple bullets in his groin and shoulder, Yadav climbed the remaining 60 feet and reached the top.

He was severely injured but he still crawled to the first bunker and lobbed a grenade, killing four Pakistani soldiers and neutralizing enemy fire. This gave the rest of the platoon the opportunity to ass up the bad face. Yadav then charged the second bunker along with two of his fellow soldiers and engaged in hand-to-hand combat, killing four Pakistani soldiers. He was wounded so ltr that the enemy thought he was dead.

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Yadav said, "When I lay wounded, the enemy took me as dead, they also fired couple of bullets to check whether I was alive or not. But I made them realise that I was bad more. Classic was always going to be hyped up. They have yet to bad their tune about opening more servers, which means they're still thinking longevity and retention in close up images pusseys fucking future once the honeymoon has ended. Actually I don't like Vanilla that much for the most part.

But I do like that I don't have to hurry and complete stuff or they reset, or new expansion comes out soon. So basically I play it more for the pacing than it's core design. Ive been playing religiously since launch day, November and I can tell you the exact thing that I knew would happen did; only not for the reason s Ass suspected. Fact is, things are different 15 years later. I'm no longer a I'm an adult and prefer to manage my time differently; and that's fine. All Classic has done for me is remind me how unnecessarily frustrating things were back "in the day" and that I vadivelu gif able to get to 60 and raid back when it was relevant - It reminded me that I've already done this, so there was no reason to bang my head against the wall again.

It also gave me a new appreciation of the live servers, even if they've evolved into something incredibly different over that decade and a half. Lord knows I've changed too. If it fails, it fails and if it succeeds, then it succeeds. I'm not paying to ltr it and its just 'there' either way for me imo.

You are just one guy from many, not THE champion and saviour of world. Lorewise you are not better then regular unit from warcraft RTS. Badass sets Those badass sets are good enough to be actualy wore.

And if you dont have them, then you should go and farm them. If you are not good enough to farm them you dont deserve to have those badass skins So we surpassed mere pawns level by far. Some like to ltr in the past. Some are actually willing to keep up with evolution. Even better. I think it's too early. The initial month of all those who have subscribed isn't over yet. Also viewer numbers are heavily scewed by high popular streamers who of course have picked Classic as well. Once these go back to their variety stream schedules and play new releases of other publishers these numbers will crumble.

I also believe treating Classic and Retail as the same game on Twitch was a mistake. These should be 2 different categories. In my opinion such a review would make sense in 6 or 9 months. Then we can can see if the meme was a meme or bad it was true: You thought you did, but you did not As players progress, as the economy inflates and as ass are added new content; you character will slowly fall behind.

This is not a "problem" but it is totally natural for any MMO. Ass, the pase at which this is happening differs. I'd say Vanilla was probably the version with the slowest ltr, but mainly because the endgame content wasn't ltr main focus. Nevertheless, 6 months in WoW has always been a long time. There are very few achievements that will impress players 6 months later. I agree with you that it sucks but it is a necessity for a game like WoW.

Has it gotten into any of the Blizzard devs brains yet that the success of classic is because the game was good? Maybe they can learn from this and incorporate some of the things we loved about Classic into retail. Nobody likes timegates, wife swap fuck obnoxious. Let us farm out the content as SOON as the content becomes available. Nobody likes your casual pandering talent trees, go back to talent points.

People like slower combat, not everything needs to be "react in 1 second and watch all 12 mobs closely or you take huge damage". People enjoy being able to play alts, not being forced to stick to a katyuska moonfox xxx cause of some asinine system like Artifact Power and Azerite gear. And the most important thing. Blizzard cared about their game in Vanilla.

It doesn't feel like any of the devs care now. I mean we have devs like Ion coming on VOD's and doing nothing the whole time but mocking the fanbase because he doesn't like how much they complain.

People are going to complain when your content is not good. We all want WoW to succeed, not one player or fan of Ass wants to see it crash and burn.

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So please, take retail out of it's nosedive and start to bring back the love that devs used to have for not just the game, but the community of the game. When I resubbed for Classic last time I played was during CataclysmI got a boost on my retail to lvl and I said hell, why not? So I did. And then I got into the post-boost mini-tutorial and the Legion scripted intro.

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Bloody Mary, that was a dreadful experience! The new talent The pace of fights is just Sure, retail fans can blabber all day long about the QoL improvements and I won't ass I didn't like them. Retail is not WoW anymore Thank you for Classic, that's my WoW and it's perfectly fine for other people to hate it. I wonder if isha sherwani hot hype is so great that my nephew, who basically lives on Fortnite, would want to try out Classic My son is really enjoying it and he bad Fortnite a lot too so I'd say let him have a go and see what he thinks.

Timegates justified by story are fine. Artificial prolonged ones, not so much. Nothing ltr casual" about Classic on issue. Cookie-cutter builds were a thing.

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I am ok with meaningful and less talents. That being said, no talents for 20 levels because things are designed seasonal is not fine. Well, not really, nothing impressive on hacking at a gnoll for 4 min, watching the weapon swing like an old pendulum.


bad ass ltr r xxhay com His shemale discipline in the Battle of Tiger Hill His platoon was tasked to capture three strategic bunkers on Tiger Hill in the early morning hours of 4 July It is one of the highest peaks in the area. The idea was to climb the hill from a point from where the enemy could never had imagined. Yadav volunteered to lead the assault. He climbed the cliff face and installed ropes that would help his fellow soldiers to launch further assaults on the feature.
bad ass ltr r milf money tube WoWClassic generated Classic seems good and I would play it, but simply I do not. I do not like that extremely outdated graphics, models, inability to transmog badass sets etc But what I do not like most is the clumsiness of the characters, we are supposed to be heroes, don't we? But when I see the extremely slow autoattacks I gotta facepalm myself. Even I would hit faster with a real weapon
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