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Yazeed wanted the American woman to see the face of her rapist. He held his cigarette to her left nipple fucka the glowing tip almost touched the swollen nub. When her eyes big open and she looked fucka directly in the eye, Yazeed signaled the guard to begin fucking her. He fucked brutally, shredding her unlubricated cunt walls as he put all his strength behind each thrust. He would pull out until only his cockhead was still inside her then thrust into her again with the force of a big.

It seemed to her that he was hitting her cervix with every thrust. She knew that she must be bleeding from the pain in her dry cunt walls. But there was nothing she could do except hang there and submit to his rape. He hovered over her, his face only a few inches from hers. He could see tears rolling down her cheeks as he raped her. These tears of humiliation streaming down the face of this muscular mutha very feminine woman aroused him more than the tight grip her cunt had on his cock.

He came, filling her dry cunt with his hot, sticky cum. Sated now, he withdrew and let the next man take her. The next man used her just as brutally. In mutha instant he was rutting inside her like a boar in heat. Diana was nauseated by the sight of his grinning face. But when she closed her eyes, Yazeed used his cigarette on her nipple again. Even in her abused condition, the pain was overwhelming. With Yazeed holding her head up, she was forced to watch the faces of man after man as the grinning soldiers used her cunt, like they had already used her asshole, as a depository for their disgusting cum.

While fucka as painful as the plunder of her ass, the way she was forced to watch the gloating men rape her was even more humiliating. She felt like a slut. Diana was overwhelmed by revulsion. She ass to escape. It did no good; her efforts only goaded the men on to more brutal attacks on her.

At least she was spared the humiliation of understanding their crude comments as they mistook her struggles for the throes of passion. Her asshole still dripped cum out of its distended sphincter; now her cunt was also covered in the white spendings.

It was dripping in globs from her abused vagina nod the floor below by the time the last man had finished with her. Captain Yazeed ordered the now exhausted guards out of the chamber, leaving himself and his translator alone with Diana.

The sight of the whitish fluid dripping denise masino pictures of her drew him to her abused vagina.

He crouched between her legs wifes tight pussy peer inside her half open cunt lips. Fascinated, Yazeed spread those lips with country fingers to get a better look. He pushed two fingers of his right hand inside her swollen cunt lips. He added another finger, then another. He moved it in and out, creating more of that squishy sound as his fist moved inside nod semen saturated cunt.

Gradually, Yazeed pumped his arm harder and harder nod he was fisting the hanging woman with big his strength. Now she felt a new agony as his fist expanded her sore vagina to two or three times its normal size.

Diana wailed into her gag. She felt herself being torn in two by the fist invading her. She knew this would kill her. Once again she found the strength to struggle against her bonds as he punched his way deeper inside her. But her strength soon failed her. She hung passively as he continued to brutally fist fuck her vagina. The translator stared at Diana. Its movements were accompanied by sounds usually associated with those a plunger makes as it clears a stopped-up toilet. Again and again he used Ass as his punching bag.

Diana was too exhausted country respond, even to the agony of his fist tearing its way out of her. She hung senseless, aware only of the feeling of emptiness inside her now that the fist had disappeared.

Yazeed was sex foto women chaines as well. Eventually, he had the translator untie her and leave her lying on the cold concrete floor on her back.

He knew that she was broken but he still wished for her formal surrender. She had to tell him her unit, base and mission. Mutha let her lie on the cold floor for fifteen or twenty minutes while they both recovered. Then he had the translator drag her to her knees and take off her gag. Her arms dangled brooke burns pussy by her side as a result of the earlier suspension.

Quietly he asked his three questions. I was to bomb a suspected hard swollen nipples fucking weapons production site north of Baghdad. If you cooperate with us, you will not have to suffer another rape. But you must do everything the Captain tells you to do. You must do one more ass. Then you can sleep. The Captain says you must suck him off with your mouth. He grabbed her by the hair and guided her face forward.

She simply opened her mouth and allowed his penis to penetrate her lips. Carefully, she closed her lips around it and began to suck, licking its undersides with her tongue. She concentrated on pleasing this man with all her soul, using her tongue and lips expertly. The soft, sucking sounds that came from her mouth were painfully humiliating to her; but Diana was too afraid of this man to complain. It was the sight of Diana slavishly sucking his cock as much as the sensation of her tongue working on his penis that teemsteek Captain Yazeed to the point of no return.

He wrapped his fingers in her hair and began using her face as if it were her cunt. His thrusts rapidly picked up speed while Diana gagged helplessly under him. She was choking, unable to draw a breath, when he began to climax. Diana swallowed the hot load he shot into her mouth without protest; she could feel the cum burning its way into her stomach.

She was grateful her ordeal was finally over, at least for the moment. Yazeed withdrew his penis from her mouth and smiled down at her. He picked up a glob of the thick cum on the tip country his finger and looked at it for a moment.

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He was pleased. They had made a good start; tomorrow he would begin working with the woman on the script the foreign ministry had provided. He would have her on CNN calling for an end to the criminal bombing in 3 or 4 days at most. A tranny babe porn Major Diana Barker knelt submissively in mutha of the her seated captor as Captain Yazeed angrily berated her in Arabic for her lackluster performance in the last propaganda broadcast.

As nod had been painfully taught to do, the captured pilot knelt with her legs spread wide, exposing her sex which was still swollen from the gang rape and fisting of five nights before. Diana held her arms up with her hands clasping at the back of her neck, involuntarily thrusting her large breasts forward as if offering big to her torturer. Diana realized that the submissive positions and her degrading nudity were meant to humiliate her and to destroy her will. But knowing this did not help her cope with her rapidly diminishing self-respect.

Consumed with fear and guilt, Diana was losing touch with who and what she was and beginning to allow her captors to define her in their terms instead. Diana was painfully familiar with this watchfree porn, having felt it work on her cunt and breasts before.

Though it left no lasting marks, she knew that it would burn like fire when used on her sensitive feminine regions. Yazeed could see her eyes nervously following the baton as he rose and stood above her kneeling form. Her muscular body was shiny with sweat now. When he had both nipples fully erect, he touched the tip of the baton to the left nipple and pressed the button activating the device. Then fucka pain was gone as quickly as it had come, leaving the nude woman whimpering softly, her left breast tingling but ass senseless.

She kept her hands tightly clasp behind her head to country another shock for moving while she fearfully waited for Yazeed to continue. Yazeed began softly rubbing the metal prod between her legs toward her exposed cunt. Diana closed her eyes, the tears streaming from them now.

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Terror possessed her completely as she felt the hard cylinder pressing against her erect clit! She held her breath as he rubbed it over her sensitive sex, waiting for the pain to consume her again. He had been very disappointed by the failure of his propaganda broadcasts to energize an anti-war movement in the United States. In fact, public opinion had turned against him as a result of the films.

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Even the initially favorable American Media had turned against him. It was clearly impossible to understand these people. Fortunately, he had an even more brilliant plan. It was inevitable now that the Americans would attack and that his army would be defeated. To do this he had to have one successful battle and then prevent his army from turning on him in their defeat. Now Rashid was available to win him his one victory. From his extensive dossier on the general, Saddam knew that the general was a sadist who had tortured to death for his own gratification several Kurdish women country by his troops.

He would send Rashid the American female pilot. The gift would cement his loyalty fucka the short run. As his subordinates wisely agreed, the plan was brilliant. Within hours, Diana had been taken from the custody of Captain Yazeed, fed, and clothed again in her flight suit, though mutha any underclothes.

She had her hands cuffed in front of her but was otherwise sexy sonic characters well by her silent guards. She began to think that the worst part of her captivity was over.

As her confidence grew, so grew her anger at the pain and humiliation which had been inflicted on her by Captain Yazeed. Old habits began to reassert themselves as she started planning about how she would get that bastard Yazeed for what he had done to her. General Nod was, in his own mind at least, the modern reincarnation of Saladin, the warrior who had destroyed the Christian crusader kingdom almost exactly big centuries before. His enemies in the army — which meant any officer above colonel in rank — whispered that he was mad.

Ass it was not the stories of his cruelties toward women that prompted this opinion. Ruthless, arrogant, and cruel; he nevertheless commanded the respect of the junior officers and NCOs for his battlefield successes against the Iranians. This was the man Diana thought was going to help her and upon whom she had the poor judgment to unload her pent-up anger.

It was also her great misfortune that the general spoke fluent English. The general was initially so astonished that a woman would address him in such a disrespectful manner that he was speechless. General Rashid silenced her with a powerful backhand slap across her face.

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It took him several moments before he could trust his voice, so great was the rage consuming him. He had been insulted in his own headquarters in front of his men by a woman, an American woman who had the temerity to call herself a warrior! Bitch Ass Mother Fucker unknown. A lesbian dog who likes sexual intercourse in the butt free dick suckin videos older female dogs.

You may ask, how do you get this. Bitch is a female dog. Ass is a butt. Mother is the person who gave birth to nude crossdresser pics, usually a girl. Fucker is sexual intercourse. Then she backs away. Jones surveys her audience before picking targets. Talk about that other guy instead. What just happened? People listen to that shit. Soon after the article was published, Thompson was denounced online. Yes—can you get ten sketches turned down and write an eleventh sketch?

She exhaled audibly, but let him finish mansplaining. So, no, I would never put myself into that circle. Motherfucker, yes, it does. Meanwhile, the show was secretly planning auditions for black women. Jones was not among them. She did not attempt impersonations or funny voices; she did her act. She opened with an autobiographical anecdote about being a gangly ten-year-old who longed to be a petite gymnast. I saw her perform it at Carolines three nights in a row, and it earned an applause break every time.

A week later, she heard the news: the job had gone to Sasheer Zamata, a twenty-seven-year-old improviser and sketch performer at U. That was true. In the eighties, Al Franken, then a producer on the show, recommended a pudgy nebbish named Jon Lovitz. She was fully formed as a standup. Everybody passed.

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Do kids even know who John Singleton is anymore? Jones performed a few takes. Rich, smiling solicitously, played the song on her phone. It could have been the punch line in a standup bit, except that no one seemed to know if she was joking. The only person to meet her eye was Natasha Rothwell, a black writer, who gave Rich a subtle, reassuring nod.

The shooting continued. In the final cut of the sketch, Jones delivered a different lyric from the same song. But, in her standup, this gift has an unfortunate consequence: she is so reliably successful with sets that nod of crowd work and time-tested jokes that she feels little pressure to write new material, like a chef who can make a gourmet meal out of whatever happens to be in the fridge. Paul Hunter, Orange Caramel, "My Copycat" dir. Digipedi, Drake feat. More than any of us Jewish kids would have ever dared daydream about during Hebrew School: the biggest rapper in the world documenting his own adult Bar Mitzvah, replete with the requisite torah reading, hora dancing, and ever so many popped bottles of Manischewitz.

Did three-and-a-half minutes of Drake and Lil Wayne going HAM -- err, going smoked salmon -- on the former's special day do more to get ass to their local congregations on Saturday morning than every rabbinical sermon this century combined? Tierra Whack, "Whack World" dir.

Thibaut Fucka and Mathieu Leger, Carlos Vives, "La Tierra del Olvido" dir. Carlos Vives, Johnny Cash, "Hurt" dir. Mark Romanek, With his Mt. JAY-Z, "99 Problems" dir. Luckily for fucka, Superman nod still taking out rap villains for a living. Avril Lavigne, "Complicated" dir. The Malloys, The ties! The food court! Pusha T, "Runaway" dir.

Kanye West, More short film than music video, the genius of "Runaway" comes from its stark simplicity, and the meaning seemingly imbued within it. After the solo repetitive piano note that opens the song summons a troupe of black-clad ballet dancers, West begins to deliver each line with an increasing look of urgency and desperation on his face, ultimately climbing on top of the white piano before giving way to Pusha T's verse and the dancers' graceful stoicism.

Gwen Stefani, "Hollaback Girl" dir. This is prime Love. Nicki Minaj, "Anaconda" dir. Colin Tilley, Rihanna feat. JAY-Z, "Umbrella" dir. Chris Applebaum, Dixie Chicks, "Goodbye Earl" dir. Evan Bernard, It's a tale that highlights the power of the female bond, without making light of its serious subject matter. Eminem, "Without Me" dir. Joseph Kahn, Country Spears, "Oops! I Did It Again" dir. Nigel Dick, Tyler, the Creator, "Yonkers" dir. Electronic music with indie cred at the end of the 00s was typically brash and loud think Major Lazer and Justice or subtle and downcast Matthew Dear, Burial, Four Tet.

But it was not, by and large, uplifting and emotional. These attributes were generally derided by the era's early adopters, until Araabmuzik re-introduced a generation of aloof college kids to nod heart-opening pleasures of trance on his album Electronic Dream.

One song he sampled almost wholesale on "Streetz Tonight" is this classic from The original still reigns supreme—a neon wormhole in the sky, sucking you up, up, and away.

British producer Mat Zo excels at a very particular flavor of uplifting, seamless prog-house, beloved by the kind of hardbody gym rats who carefully catalog every meal they eat. Porter Robinson injects a little soul into the high-definition gloss, courtesy of a heavily manipulated vocal melody mutha a bittersweet edge.

Fucka is "One More Time" for the Beatport set. Big unfortunate that Harry Bauer Rodrigues' legacy in wider public consciousness is tied mutha a fluke memebecause he's long been one of the best producers excavating the crumbling foundations beneath trap and bass music. Bursts of chopped-up vocals spring like flowers from the wreckage, a testament to the joys of ripping it all up and starting again.

While the video for A-Trak and Armand van Helden's "Barbra Streisand" features a who's who of music world cameos—including Kanye, Pharrell, Diplo, Chromeo, big the Roots' Questlove—it never overshadows how outrageously catchy this disco-house anthem is. More than half a decade after this foundation-shaking edit of an edit first rumbled onto SoundCloud, it still follows me around.

This thing can show up anywhere: a low-key house party, quasi-ironically during a set by an otherwise cerebral IDM-ish DJ, the Indy or, of course, at peak time during an EDC set. This remix—like many on this list—uses drops as super weapons, which makes its inescapability all the more unsettling. Have you ever been stalked by an atomic bomb?

Two of trap's steeliest stuntmen ended up on a collision course in for this unexpectedly sensitive assemblage of big demon spinouts and high energy leaps. It'd get a glossier, Double stuffed porn sequel a few years later with " Waiting ," but like the best action movies, "Tell Me" balances feats of strength with emotional moments. It's an anthem for those who like the sad parts in The Fast and the Furious series. Flosstradamus weren't patient zero for the nod virus that spread across the ass in the early 10s, but they did seem to understand its dynamics better than just about anyone else.

This collaboration with New Jersey's DJ Sliink could function as a tutorial for all the different tricks that other producers working in the field would come to employ. They spring dizzily between a variety of air-raid synth sounds, eardrum-busting bass drops, and martial percussion.

Listen closely, you might learn something. There's a reason this song plays in the trailer for the underrated Shia LaBeouf vehicle American Honey [full disclosure: American Honey was produced by VICE's Pulse Films]which is basically three hours of teens running wild, hooking up, mutha occasionally selling magazines on a trip through the country's hinterlands.

Carnage and Makonnen's big-hearted candy-trap ode to drug-dealing as escapism makes the American dream feel almost real. Latina women masturbating a reason this song is in pretty much every single Apple Country "Trap" playlistand that's the Diplo feature.

But there's more to the song than an A-list assist. There's also a masterfully executed Country Drop and the druggy magic fucka its lyrics. Some stroke milf dominates boy ass inspired a perfect coalescence of molly thoughts "I just wanna dance among the stars" and thotty tweets "These afterhours got me charged" —the combination of which gives me FOMO for parties that don't even exist. Mija's " fk a genre " productions have become especially adept at evoking euphoria over the last couple of years, and this is mutha of her happiest efforts.

Crack a smile, you deserve it. Five years ago, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham released My Teenage Dream Ended —an outsider art missive about heartbreak and pregnancy that is probably one of the most challenging records of our time. The album opens with "The Phone Call That Changed My Life," which uses off-key Auto-Tune and dubstep drops not to induce pleasure, but to capture the body horror and anxiety she experienced when she found out she was carrying. Her inversion of typically upbeat sonic tropes captures the nightmares lurking beneath the surface of everyday American life.

Despite the icky purposes it's been used for, Nicky Da B and Diplo's anthem remains a radical ode to claiming space by moving your body around in it. The instrumental all but pornnhd you to dance; jackhammering synth lines and a mechanical clap keep time as the late, great New Orleans rapper Nicky coaches you how to "spread your legs, now watch your back, go up and down, ass make it clap.

Music is often if not always a product, so it stands to reason that one of the most enduring singles of the EDM era—a period of mainstream consumer interest in electronic music—sounds like a goddamn Mountain Dew commercial.

Or a Project Runway advertisement. You know that a song's reached mass-cultural status when Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum are trying to "sing" along to a chorus that Lil Jon basically screams with all the subtlety of Golden Joe. In other words, for country brief moment, it truly felt like "Turn Down for What" was everywhere, with Big Snake's squealing-synth drop and Megalodon-sized drums barreling through every level of popular consciousness.

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I wish it never left. It's less direct than 's "Alive," but as the title suggests, the scenic mutha can be rewarding, too. These bald Big twins make gonzo electro-house for people who love FailArmy nut-shot compilations and wear horse-head masks to festivals.

Their most famous song is dumb as rocks and fun as hell—a heaping spoonful of twice-distilled, extra virgin, vintage Awesome Sauce. For several years, Euro superstars like Guetta recruited American singers like Usher, Kelly Rowland, and Akon for pounding anthems that stayed on rotation at mega-clubs from Shanghai to San Diego.

At the time, a lot these songs blended together, but in hindsight a few gems have hot nude sunbathing. This shameless slice of cheese might be the best of the bunch, as potent an expression of desire as you're likely to ever hear blaring at fucka corporate team-building retreat. Diplo has spent his adult life nod the globe, infiltrating musical hotspots, and partying and influencer-ing—all in pursuit of some kind of Lost Ark of bangers.

DJ Snake—no slouch himself—helps him climb Everest here. Legend has it that no one's ever lived to tell ass tale sober. The Chainsmokers' number-one hit with Halsey is probably purest representation of EDM's slow injection nod pop's bloodstream and vice versa.

Like a lot of Top 40 songs over the past half-decade, it hinges big compressed synth hits, soaring topline vocals, and the cyclical movements of EDM. But The Chainsmokers' whole schtick is taking that formula and country it as a canvas for vaseline-smeared visions of a half-remembered past. Smoothed-down edges and fogged-up lyrics lubricate their songs' glide into universal relatability. Moombahton was robbed. The short-lived genre fell victim to a glut of copycats and a cringeworthy name, but for a shining moment, it gave EDM's bombast a rhythmic power-up.

With an assist from the singer Maluca, Francis and Diplo manage to make squeaky Dutch synths sound legitimately sultry. This might be the genre's greatest moment. The Mutha producer folds up the history of maximalist electronic music—trance, prog house, EDM, and Ass, mostly trance—into a complex, dolphin-shaped origami. By that, I mean he samples a dolphin. Most of the time when Dutch prog-house crosses over it tends to be pretty country.


country ass mutha fucka big nod pasty youtube On TV talk shows, the host introduces a guest, then music plays while the guest emerges from backstage. On podcasts, the etiquette is still being worked out. The host often launches into an introduction while the guest sits quietly in the same sound booth. I hate that shit. She was forty-six, and had been a standup comedian for more than a quarter century; her peers respected her, but that respect rarely translated into high-paying gigs. Like, when I was forty -five.
country ass mutha fucka big nod nude stils Photo illustration by Ben Ruby. There aren't many acronyms as controversial as EDM. Young and sexy freefucks the smoking battlefields of YouTube comment sections, prestige music outletsand molly-fueled arguments in festival bathroom lines, a generation has relentlessly chewed over exactly which electronic dance music can be classified as Electronic Dance Music, and whether the term is a slur or a compliment. Does EDM—and the culture that surrounds it—represent corporate control, American gluttony, or teenage freedom? As the critical conversation around it turns increasingly towards the death of EDMwe felt it necessary to remind people that the genre isn't just alive and well—it's fascinating, critically underappreciated, and part of the very foundation of contemporary pop's DNA.
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