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Evelyn, bitch… the only rumble in the jungle was between you and those bushes. I just want to see Evelyn get tossed in the bushes BasketballWives pic. They zoomed in and everything! Can we just collectively acknowledge that Evelyn got swung in the bushes by OG and did not get back up swinging because she knew better.

#BasketballWives: Evelyn Lozada Got Tossed Into The Bushes And Clowned ALL Across Twitter | Bossip

domai liza Evelyn Lozada and Crawford had announced their engagement, and then Evelyn Lozada had their son in the year, and in the year,they had called off the engagement. These sexy Evelyn Lozada bikini photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist. Evelyn Lozada has an amazing body and perfect figure and she looks stunning in almost any dress.

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You can also treat yourself to a few Evelyn Lozada promotional and Evelyn Lozada magazine shoots as well. Sign in. The abuser she worked hard to move on from, whom she contacted for petty reasons, continued to tell her half-truths. BasketballWives Shaunie…. Also Shaunie following Evelyn to confront OG….

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So Evelyn attacks Royce, attacks Jennifer, attacks Susie, attacks Keisha with a wine bottle that actually gets thrown, Malaysia throws a table and fought Laura 1st episode but OG is aggressive and has to be seperated?? BBWLA pic. OG is now against Evelyn.

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The player has now met the coach! Keep applying pressure iHeartOG basketballwives pic. How yall calling OG a homewrecker when Ev admitted to sleeping with a married man. BasketballWives pic. So every time OG around, everything escalates.


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evelyn lozada ass awek massage The Basketball Wives crew had quite a trip to Costa Rica where things got out of hand very quickly. Evelyn is still trying to bully OG, so she and Malaysia tried to pile on her to continue their weeks of wanting smoke. This showed that she could xxx porn brazil up to Evelyn and we know what happens when people stand up to Evelyn. During the big argument, Cece cut the convo short and walked off. Evelyn ran after CeCe like she wanted to fight and chaos prevailed. OG tried to break things up and after some shuffling around, Evelyn fell directly into the bushes. AND we still got another round of drama next week!
evelyn lozada ass dyke xxx A big theme for just about every episode of Basketball Wives in Season 8, for me, has been hypocrisy. What we evelyn saw happen in the season finale was that OG was made to look like a very dangerous individual because she was protective of friend Cece Gutierrez, whom Evelyn Lozada tried to attack the day before. It was a shock to all when she pointed out that the two met inwhich was when Evelyn and Chad were lozada, and that he was flirting with her off and on throughout his short-lived relationship with Evelyn. The mean girls ladies all looked on in disgust, calling OG a homewrecker in their confessionals and saying she was messy for going back and forth with Chad even when she was in a relationship with boyfriend Kwame. Evelyn, in her own confessionals, called her a groupie curvy nude women pussy ass came into the group knowing she had shared all types of messages with her hex-husband. She made it clear that OG was wrong and that the behavior ass unseemly.
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